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Logging into Syslog with Go

Logging is so simple that it is very hard to implement it right. In a project I started to clear up logging and I noticed that there are many places one can introduce syslog as a logging target, and there are a lot of things can get just too messy. I want to show how I started with syslog, how I separated the different layers of logging.

Adventures with Nginx and SELinux

Well SELinux is very useful additional security layer in modern Linux systems but until we don’t understand what it really does and provide, it can be a real pain in the neck. Sometimes we just want to install something and get it working, but we run into strange errors. What can we do? I will write my journey with nginx and hope it helps you.

Elixir - REST with Cowboy

To be honest, in the last couple of months when I implemented REST interfaces in cowboy, I always implemented the happy path, and I followed the okay-we-will-see principle in case of corner cases. That didn’t sound good enough for me so I decided to dig deeper into how to properly implement a REST interface in cowboy. The first thing we need to take care is how many handler module we will need? The fewer is the better of course. We don’t want to maintain a bunch of module for a bunch of different HTTP methods. It sounded logical for me that one module for one REST target (product, shop, user, etc).

Templating with ErlyDTL 2

In this second blogpost I introduce some advanced features of Erlydtl templating (in the first post I showed how to create custom behaviours) like template inclusion, extension and basic setup of a template-enabled Erlang application.