Thoughts on backend and scaling

I have migrated my blog to github

Blogger is a good place to start to write and maintain a blog but as times went by I needed to upgrade the template which is a nightmare in Blogger. Thousand of lines of XMLs which folded in the editor randomly, long inline Javascript plugins which came from the downloaded templates. I am not a web designer, not even a full stack developer so maintain old plugins, templates was very hard. I like minimal technical solutions, so after a long inactivity I gave a try to static page generators.

I didn't want to go into the street of Medium, even if design looks good, I didn't need the features and restrictions it comes with it. So here we are, with Jekyll in Github.

I write technical notes which can be interesting and useful for others, so during migration I also deleted a lot of non-relevant entries. Here are the hopefully growing list of my posts.

Reading list

Distributed systems for fun and profit is a good reading, presenting complex concepts of distributed systems in an easy-to-catch manner.