Thoughts on backend and scaling

I have migrated my blog to github

Blogger is a good place to start to write and maintain a blog but as times went by I needed to upgrade the template which is a nightmare in Blogger. Thousand of lines of XMLs which folded in the editor randomly, long inline Javascript plugins which came from the downloaded templates. I am not a web designer, not even a full stack developer so maintain old plugins, templates was very hard. I like minimal technical solutions, so after a long inactivity I gave a try to static page generators.

I didn't want to go into the street of Medium, even if design looks good, I didn't need the features and restrictions it comes with it. So here we are, with Jekyll in Github.

I write technical notes which can be interesting and useful for others, so during migration I also deleted a lot of non-relevant entries. Here are the hopefully growing list of my posts.

Reading list

Distributed systems for fun and profit is a good reading, presenting complex concepts of distributed systems in an easy-to-catch manner.
It is okay to manage your boss is useful if you need to manage up and/or manage yourself in an environment when the leadership around is not enough for you. I have read multiple books in this topic, I found this one the most handy.
Well known laws in a funny style . This is what it is. My favourite is Conwey's law by far. Everbody knows about that and nobody can stop it.
One of the best explanation of technical debts and bankrupcy which basically the lack of courage to properly model and abstract requirements.

From monolith to event-driven is a good article what strategy we can use if we want to introduce event sourcing to a legacy application.

Are your "value streams" keeping you stuck in the past? shows how value stream disempowers your workers can cause burn-out easier than else.